Favorite Last Meal

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Everybody has that one meal that will always remain a true favorite. Like the famous question we've all heard at one time in our lives asks "if you had to choose one final meal what would it be?" While answers seem to vary I've always noticed one thing most seem to have in common... answers are usually a comfort food. Every once in awhile someone might rattle off a famous entree at a five star restaurant but more often than not, it seems that the choice is made to feel comforting, familiar and down right hearty. That brings me to my personal favorite flavors. As a child growing up in an half Italian and half Hispanic home, I was fortunate to have been fed foods that were grown up, nutritious and ethnically fresh. Today, with so many parents working or not comfortable in the kitchen, children are often sent off to school with something quick and unhealthy or given money to purchase something previously frozen and packed in sodium in their school cafeteria. I could go on in this subject but I'll leave that for another post. In my early elementary school years I can recall sitting in the cafeteria at lunchtime and ripping apart a foil wrapped sandwich from my lunchbox. I knew my mother had packed something we'd eaten the evening before and more importantly, I knew it would be delicious. By the the time I was about 7 or 8, I had already developed a taste for broccoli rabe and sausage. The velvety extra virgin olive oil and soft caramelized garlic that had been absorbed by the slowly braised broccoli rabe were something to die for. Then, with the addition of crispy pan fried chopped Italian sausage to the mix, you have pure heaven. Unveiling that sandwich containing the previous nights broccoli rabe and sausage smooshed between crusty Italian bread from my neighborhood bakery, made any day at school that much better. I remember having to explain my lunch to curious friends at my table who were having bologne, ham or a PBJ. My Italian friends always recognized it straight away but my American friends never could quite understand why I would choose to eat this. Hopefully now that they are older, they have been privileged to have experienced this at some wonderful Italian restaurant wherever they are.  To this day, this combination remains my ultimate favorite, whether I pair it with a fresh pasta or stuff it between a sandwich with the addition of mozzarella di bufala.